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While the Language is mostly Canadian English as with any other group of people that spend far too much time together a shorthand starts to form.


During a blog conversation centred around salad leaves and arugula in particular Lana Gay joined in by exclaiming her love for the leaf with a simple "Arugula!" which has gone on to become an informal greeting used by members of the community.


Most often used during Grant Lawrence Live to indicate a well placed good humoured put down. The term is thought to have originated with Nardwuar The Human Serviette.

Blog Schnog

When two people meet on the CBC Radio 3 blog and take the relationship to a romantic place. (comment#168)

Blog schnog.png


The anniversary of when a member joined the community.


A name for the act of oral sex being performed in a public place. First used on the blog by JonDixon in comment #291. The word is thought to be a originate from the film Superbad.



Originally a mistype of Congrats during the Wrath of Khanna, contrats has gone on to become the way to congratulate other blog commenter's for winning a contest or any other good news they may have shared.


During the 2011 Bucky Awards (comment 788) Lee "mcfflyer" Hower was commenting on how unwell Jenn Grant had been the previous Saturday, but he managed to leave the "R" out of Crummy giving the blog community a new word.

Good Lick

On the last day of Vish Khannas penultimate week, soon after he announced his departure from Radio3 Old Abe wished him "Good lick in your new adventures. You will be missed." comment 132


The act of making a mundane, otherwise insignificant story into an international incident by means of extrapolation, embellishment, fabrication, and general skullduggery. Coined by centropomus. comment #178



Used by Craig Norris during the R3:30 primarily when something that has been said could be seen as a double entendre but he also meant as a mark of respect for Ed McMahon who could be heard saying it during his time as Johnny Carsons sidekick on The Tonight Show.

The Iron Throne

The position held by the person that posts comment #500 during Grant Lawrence Live the reward for which is having a request be played before the end of the show. The term was taken from the TV series "Game of Thrones" which in turn is based on the series of books A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. It was first used on March 13th 2012 when it was won by zammachus



Spinning a story for so long that it starts reminding the listener of the river of the same name, which is quite long. comments #80 & #81



When a single blog post is used for the entire day rather than one for each show.


Coined by hotpatch on and about the last day of the mega-blog, June 24 (through June 27, 5pm Pacific time), 2016. It is a play on Brexit, or Britain's vote to leave the E.U. on June 23, 2016.


Exclaimed whenever The Stand by Mother Mother is played or being requested.

The Panda Song

(as performed by Vish Khanna during his show on Tuesday 21st June 2011)
Hot Panda, check it and see.
It's kinda hot in here, turn up the AC
I am a bear and I am Japanese*
Hot Panda, Hot Panda!

  • Panda bears are actually Chinese