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'''Sexiest Canadian musician -''' [[Emily Haines]]<br>
'''Sexiest Canadian musician -''' [[Emily Haines]]<br>
'''Best Audience Letter -''' The Crew of the sloop ''''Selah II''''<br>
'''Best Audience Letter -''' The Crew of the sloop ''''Selah II''''<br>
'''Biggest Fan -''' [http://radio3.cbc.ca/profile/tb3 tb3]<br>
'''Biggest Fan -''' John "[http://radio3.cbc.ca/profile/tb3 tb3]" Teeter<br>

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Best Song Title - Shout Out Out Out Out - "Your Shitty Record Won't Mix Itself"
Best Lyric - Wordburglar - "You said your girl looked like Drew Barrymore/I met her. She looks like Drew Carey more" (from "Word Owner")
Catchiest Hook - Islands - "Rough Gem"
Catchiest Beat - The Dears - "Whites Only Party"
Song most likely to be a future classic - Joel Plaskett - "Nowhere With You"
Best Flow - Cadence Weapon - "Oliver Square"
Best Falsetto - Raising the Fawn - "The Matador"
Best road-trip song - Islands - "Jogging Gorgeous Summer"
Best 90-second egg - The Golden Dogs
Best facial hair - Scott Ross (drummer, The Dudes)
Best dressed - Buck 65
Best haircut - Tegan and Sara
Band that most resembles itself - Sam Roberts Band
Best new band name - Carbon Dating Service
Best new trend in band names - //Science and mechanics// - I am Robot and Proud, Square Root of Margaret, etc
Most shocking breakup - Death From Above 1979
Most outspoken Canadian musician - Peaches
Sexiest Canadian musician - Emily Haines
Best Audience Letter - The Crew of the sloop 'Selah II'
Biggest Fan - John "tb3" Teeter


Catchiest Hook - Buck 65 "Indestructable Sam"
Best Sweatin' to the Indies Workout Song - Chromeo "Fancy Footwork"
Best Song Title - The Wet Secrets "Grow Your Own F*cking Moustache Asshole"
Best Falsetto - Joel Plaskett Emergency "Fashionable People"
Best Rap - Abdominal "Pedal Pusher"
Best Lyric - The Weakerthans "Civil Twilight"
Best Reason to Learn French - We Are Wolves "Magique"
Best Gang Vocals - Tokyo Police Club "Your English is Good"
Best New Band Name - Said The Whale
Best Song to Listen to in the Fetal Position - Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton "Doctor Blind"
Most Unpronounceable Name - Basia Bulat
Best Bass Line - Tokyo Police Club"Your English is Good"
Best Yacht Rock - Patrick Watson "Drifters"
Best Road-Trip Song - Two Hours Traffic "Backseat Sweetheart"
Song Most Likely to be a Future Classic - Feist "1234"
Biggest Fan - Justin Beach


Best Road Trip Song - Matt Mays and El Torpedo "Tall Trees"
Best Live Act - Holy Fuck "Lovely Allen"
Catchiest Hook - Black Mountain "Stormy High"
Best Collaboration - Will Currie & The Country French (Feat. Sloan) "Push Pins"
Best Lyric - Stars "14 Forever"
Most Canadian Song - Jason Collett "Charlyn, Angel Of Kensington"
Best Reason To Learn French - Karkwa "Oublie Pas"
Top Fan Award - Colin Medley 
Most Unconventional Instrument - Fred Eaglesmith "Sweet Corn"
Best Band Name - Library Voices
Rookie of the Year - Plants and Animals "Bye Bye Bye"
Lifetime Achievement (formally 'Old and Awesome') - Teenage Head
Best Vocals - Mother Mother "Body of Years"
Best Beat - Woodhands "Dancer"
Future Classic - Chad VanGaalen "Willow Tree"


MOST CANADIAN SONG - Said The Whale “Emerald Lake, AB”
BEST NEW BAND NAME - Gregory Pepper And His Problems
BEST VOCALS - Dan Mangan “Robots”
BEST LYRIC - Joel Plaskett “Through & Through & Through”
BEST LIVE ACT - Mother Mother
BEST NEW ARTIST - Hannah Georgas “The Beat Stuff”
BEST REASON TO LEARN FRENCH - Coeur de Pirate “Comme des Enfants”
TOP FAN - Lee Hower aka mcfflyer
BEST SONG - Dan Mangan “Robots”


BEST SONG - "Suburbs" Arcade Fire
TOP FAN - Monica Skorupski aka MoniSki
BEST NEW BAND NAME - Paperplanes And Dragonboats
BEST VOCALS - arah Harmer
BEST LIVE ACT - Dan Mangan
BEST NEW ARTIST - Boxer The Horse
(The blog entry for this broadcast had 1052 posts from 86 different blog members)


Most Candian Song - Elliott Brood - Northern Air
Best New Artist- Braids
Best Vocals- Austra - Lose It
Best Lyrics- Hey Rosetta! from Welcome
Best Reason To Learn French- Coeur de pirate - Adieu
Best New Band Name - Oh No! Yoko
Best Live Act- Arkells
Best Song- Dan Mangan- Rows of Houses
Best Video - Said The Whale - Lines
Sexiest Musician- Dan Mangan
Lifetime Achievement - Ian Blurton
Fan(s) Of The Year - Cathleen "cathyort" Hagan and Russ "CDNZ1" Gordon
(The blog entry for this broadcast had 1332 posts from 91 different blog members)


Sexiest artist - Jaycelyn Brown of Said the Whale
Hottest Pipes (best vocal performance) - Hannah Georgas for "Robotic"
Rookie of the Year - The Elwins
Best Reason to Buy a Concert Ticket (best live act) - Mother Mother
Memoriam award for most impactful breakup - Handsome Furs
#socialbutterfly Bucky - Said The Whale]]
Fan of the Year - Christine McAvoy
Most Watchable Song (best music video of the year) - "We Are 1980" by Said The Whale
Hugh LeCaine Electronic Sackbut Award for electronic song of the year - "Oblivion" by Grimes
The Best Reason to Learn French (best francophone song) - "tre ici pis chez vous" by Bernard Adamusï
The Old and Awesome Award for lifetime achievement in Canadian music - Nardwuar the Human Serviette
Song of the year - "Lightning Bolt" by Joel Plaskett


Best beat: Arcade Fire for "Reflektor"
Most dynamic duo: Whitehorse
Child of the '80s: Austra
Sexiest music: The Darcys for "The River"
Best live show: PUP
Most Canadian song: Shad for "Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins)"
Best album art: Born Ruffians, Birthmarks
Must follow artist: Dan Mangan
Best video: Hollerado for "So It Goes"
Rookie of the year: PUP
Best song: Said the Whale for "I Love You"
Fan of the Year Award: GarfieldUK
Lifetime Achievement Award: Joel Plaskett

The most successful artist at the Bucky Awards is Dan Mangan with six awards. The first two of these being for Robots in 2009 (Best Vocals & Best Song), the third for Best Live Act in 2010 and the fourth and fifth coming in 2011 (Sexiest Musician and Best Song for Rows of Houses)and the list being rounded out in 2013 (Lifetime Achievement).