Beer O'clock

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Beer O'clock began as a segment for playing heavier music during the Friday edition of Grant Lawrence's show to signify the start of the weekend. The name fell into disuse when Grant began his paternity leave but some listeners decided to pick it up and use it to describe a type of playlist. Members of the community took it in turns to create the Beer O'clock playlist that was then shared at roughly the same time as the segment would have been broadcast.

"Whatever makes you chairdance and feel good excessively joyous."


Click here to see a list of all the tracks used for Beer O'clock in 2013


2nd Can I getcha a beer? by binsy 15tracks
9th Beer O'Clock by fictionjunkie 25tracks
16th Beer o'Clock type thing by flannel tom 25tracks
23rd Beer O'Clock by darbarspecial 25tracks
30th Beer O'Clock by jondixon 20tracks


6th Happy Hour Is Here! by Old Abe 18tracks
13th Mostly Locals by TheRadioHead20tracks
20th Beer OClock by loweeda17tracks
27th Beer OClock by jdurley18tracks


4th BEER OCLOCK by deiru 24tracks
11th Beer O'Fucking Clock by CDNz1 24tracks
18th beery-eyed by krib 19tracks
25th booooze by teaandcartography 20tracks


1st Beer Oclock by hotpatch 22tracks
8th Beer-O-Clock-Whooo! by TheIceman 25tracks
15th One OClock Two OClock Beer OClock Rock by (That)Graham Wright 15tracks
22nd GODBEER OCLOCK by Emma Godmere 20tracks
29th beer o'clockin' out by SamaraS 19tracks


6th Blues, Rock, and Beer o'Clock! by Cicero 22tracks
13th BEER O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by StephRamsahai 24tracks
20th No playlist was posted.
27th R3:24 2013 by garfielduk 24tracks + intro



3rd Scotch O'Clock by Alanna Stuart 9tracks
10th potential future beer o'clock playlist by nvp 20tracks
17th Frock Rock at Beer O' Clock (i.e. dance in your work clothes) by Britt Wray 16tracks
24th No playlist was posted.
31st No playlist was posted.


7th Fast Beer by MSteve 10tracks