The R3:30 Ep504

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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of July 11, 2016

30. White Lung, “Kiss Me When I Bleed”
29. Like A Motorcycle, “High Hopes”
28. Programm, “Jukai”
27. The World Provider, “Hey Joanne”
26. Devours, “Jazz By Thor”
25. Casey Mecija, “The Otherside of Concrete”
24. Ludo Pin, “Les Moyen Du Bord”
23. Heaven For Real, “Subliminal”
22. Adrian Teacher and the Subs, “Victory Square”
21. Hannah Georgas, “Don’t Go”
20. Beauts, “Ether”
19. Pup, “Can’t Win”
18. Vogue Dots, “If You Stay”
17. Twin River, “Antony”
16. Basia Bulat, “La La Lie”
15. Darcys, “Miracle”
14. Royal Tusk, “Curse The Weather”
13. Hot Hot Heat, “Kid Who Stays In The Picture”
12. The Besnard Lakes, “Towers Sent Her To Sheets Of Sound”
11. Wolf Parade, “Automatic”
10. AA Wallace, “Shake It Out”
9. Plants And Animals, “No Worries Gonna Find Us”
8. Operators, “Blue Wave”
7. Tokyo Police Club, “PCH”
6. Rae Spoon, “Written Across The Sky”
5. Navet Confit, “Ton Voyage”
4. Tuns, “Mind Over Matter”
3. July Talk, “Push + Pull”
2. Suuns, “Un-No”
1. Black Mountain, “Florian Saucer Attack”