The R3:30 Ep492

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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of April 18, 2016

30. Bronswick, "Comme La Mer"
29. Plants And Animals, "Stay"
28. The Zolas, "Swooner"
27. Pet Sun, "Web Of Man"
26. Several Futures, "Cul de Sac"
25. We Were Lovers, "Glory Days"
24. MSTRKRFT, "Little Red Hen"
23. Humans, "Water Water"
22. Loon Choir, "Platitude"
21. Bart, "On/Off"
20. AA Wallace, "Success"
19. Minotaurs, "Weird Waves"
18. Language-Arts, "Luckiness"
17. Bankruptcy, "Swim For The Light"
16. Tokyo Police Club, "Not My Girl"
15. Wintersleep, "Santa Fe" *highest debut*
14. Mordicus, "Grandville"
13. The Wet Secrets, "If I Was A Camera"
12. Jordan Klassen, "St. Fraser"
11. Federal Lights, "You & I"
10. Holy F*ck, "Tom Tom"
9. Casey Mecija, "Gonna Gun"
8. Shotgun Jimmie, "Join The Band"
7. Marie-Eve Roy, "Golden Bay"
6. The Pack A.D., "So What"
5. Selina Martin, "Hawaii"
4. Essaie Pas, "Retox"
3. Jane’s Party, "Coming On Strong"
2. Black Mountain., "Mothers Of The Sun"
1. Little Scream, "Love As A Weapon"