The R3:30 Ep482

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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of February 8, 2016

30. Besnard Lakes, "The Plain Moon"
29. Navet Confit, "Mannequin de Magasin"
28. Rae Spoon, "I Hear Them Calling"
27. She-Devils, "Come"
26. Jordan Klassen, "Baby Moses"
25. Blinker the Star, "Century Of The Self"
24. Rah Rah, "Be Your Man"
23. The Zolas, "Male Gaze"
22. Library Voices, "Hey! Adrienne"
21. Reversing Falls, "This Is Why"
20. Junior Boys, "Over It"
19. Reuben and the Dark, "Heart In Two"
18. Maylee Todd, "Lonely"
17. Little You Little Me, "It's Awkward"
16. Long Distance Runners, "Asleep Awake"
15. Basia Bulat, "Fool"
14. Gang Signs, "Tonight"
13. You Say Party, "Ignorance"
12. Rococode, "Hunter Gather"
11. Destroyer, "Times Square"
10. Dirty Ghosts, "Some Kids"
9. Language Arts, "With Me"
8. Fine Times, "Not Dead"
7. Evening Hymns, "If I Were A Portal"
6. Radio Radio, "Tonight's The Night"
5. The Matinee, "Temper Temper"
4. Teen Daze, "Pink"
3. Young Rival, "Throw It In The River"
2. Mac DeMarco, "Just To Put Me Down"
1. The Most Serene Republic, "Love Loves To Love Love"