The R3:30 Ep466

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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of October 19, 2015

30. Majical Cloudz, "Are You Alone?"
29. Glory Glory, "Where The People Are"
28. Gang Signs, "Mate"
27. Bob Moses, "Talk"
26. Crystal Castles, "Deicide"
25. Vallens, "Dark Tunnel"
24. Etiquette, "Twinkling Stars"
23. Gregory Pepper & his Problems, "Welcome To The Dullhouse"
22. Century Palm, "Valley Cyan"
21. Bestie, "Bubble Bath"
20. Long Distance Runners, "You Gotta Remind Me"
19. Kathryn Calder, "New Millenium"
18. Library Voices, "Oh Donna"
17. Slim Twig, "Slippin Slidin'"
16. Half Moon Run, "Trust"
15. Cannon Bros., "Can't Sleep"
14. Moon King, "Come Back"
13. Kalle Mattson, "Avalanche"
12. Destroyer, "The River"
11. Fine Times, "Bad::Better"
10. Grey Lands, "False Alarm"
9. Teen Daze, "Along"
8. Rah Rah, "Diamond"
7. Highs, "Handsome Man"
6. Quiet Parade, "We Were Here"
5. Ought, "Men For Miles"
4. Yukon Blonde, "I Wanna Be Your Man"
3. Language Arts, "Neighbour"
2. Mac DeMarco, "I've Been Waiting For Her"
1. Evening Hymns, "All Of My Life I Have Been Running"