The R3:30 Ep462

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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of September 21, 2015

30. Rain Over St. Ambrose, "Broken Love"
29. Pistol George Warren, "Many Better Men"   
28. Kathryn Calder, "My Armour"
27. Seoul, "Real June"     
26. Purity Ring, "Flood on the Floor"    
25. Fake Palms "Sparkles"         
24. No Joy, "Everything New"      
23. Grounders, "Bloor Street and Pressure" 
22. Concealer, "Your Master's Wishes"  
21. Indian Handcrafts, "It's Late Queeny"        
20. Wordburglar, "Channel Halifax"      
19. Moon King, "Come Back"     
18. The Most Serene Republic, "Ontario Morning"   
17. SC Mira, "Do Me"      
16. Young Galaxy "Body"   
15. Rah Rah, "Diamond"      
14. Dralms, "Shook"        
13. Quiet Parade, "We Were Here"         
12. Yukon Blonde, "I Wanna Be Your Man"
11. Dave Monks, "Heartbeat Blues"
10. Crystal Castles, "Deicide"
9. Grey Lands, "False Alarm"
8. Young Rival, "Interior Light"       
7. Library Voices, "Oh Donna"
6. Born Ruffians, "We Made It"
5. Destroyer, "The River"      
4. Half Moon Run, "Trust"
3. Metric, "Too Bad, So Sad"      
2. Milk & Bone, "New York"
1. The Dears, "Here's To The Death Of All Romance"