The R3:30 Ep460

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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of September 7, 2015

30. No Joy, "Everything New"
29. The Backhomes, "Solid Gold"
28. Concealer, "Your Master's Wishes"
27. Yardlets, "Pop With A Pin"
26. Indian Handcrafts, "It's Late Queeny"
25. Rain Over St. Ambrose, "Broken Love"
24. Rah Rah, "Chip Off The Heart"
23. Braids, "Sore Eyes"
22. Twin River, "Anything Good"
21. Weaves, "Tick"
20. Young Galaxy "Body"
19. Teen Daze, "Morning World"
18. Slow Down Molasses, "Stay Still"
17. Crystal Castles, "Deicide"
16. Rykka, "Movies"
15. Wordburglar, "Channel Halifax"
14. Fake Tears, "Second Wind" 
13. Half Moon Run, "Trust"
12. Paper Beat Scissors, "Wouldn't"
11. Dirty Ghosts, "Cataract"
10. Dave Monks, "Heartbeat Blues"
9. Fake Palms "Sparkles"
8. Milk & Bone, "New York"
7. Kathryn Calder, "My Armour" 
6. The Most Serene Republic, "Ontario Morning"
5. Dralms, "Shook"
4. Born Ruffians, "We Made It"
3. Metric, "Too Bad, So Sad"
2. Young Rival, "Interior Light"
1. The Dears, "Here's To The Death Of All Romance"