The R3:30 Ep454

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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of July 27, 2015!/blogs/2015/7/The-R3-30-Radio-3s-top-30-songs-for-the-week-of-July-27-2015

30. Aqua Alta "BTOcean"
29. Daniel Isiah "Sail"
28. Copilots "Mountain of Time"
27. New Pornographers "War On The East Coast"
26. Marvelous Mark "Bite Me"
25. Humans "Gotta Go Home"
24. Beauts "After All"
23. Fitness Club Fiasco "Ghost Dance"
22. Golden Dogs "Decided"
21. Electricity For Everybody! "Age Of Scars"
20. Purity Ring "Bodyache"
19. Sunrise and Good People "Power"
18. The Royal Foundry "Running Away"
17. Midday Swim "Summer Eyes"
16. Metric "The Shade (I Want It All)" 
15. Dirty Ghosts "Cataract"
14. Crystal Castle "Frail"
13. Floodland "Old School"
12. Grounders "No Ringer"
11. Faith Healer "Universe"
10. Moon King "Impossible"
9. Teen Daze "Morning World"
8. Doldrums "We Awake"
7. The Pack A.D. "Motorvate" 
6. Les Jupes "Bro.Sis"
5. Weaves "Tick" 
4. Destroyer "Dream Lover"
3. Mac DeMarco "The Way You'd Love Her"
2. Yukon Blonde "Como" 
1. Rah Rah "Chip Off The Heart"