The Craig Norris Hour

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Contrary to the title The Craig Norris Hour, hosted by Craig Norris, would broadcast for 4 hours between 10am-2pm EST (7am-11am PST) Monday to Thursday. The R3:30, usually hosted by Craig Norris alongside On Air Producer Pedro Mendes, would take the last 3 of it's 4 hours on Fridays with several different hosts filling in for the first hour.


The Monday Meld (see Wednesday Weld)


New Release Tuesday Each Tuesday Craig would play as many of the new releases as he could


aka Wenzdee
The Wednesday Weld
(also known for a while as the Monday Meld while Craig worked on Laugh Out Loud for CBC Radio1)
A theme would be given each week and listeners would make suggestions for songs that fit that theme. The following week as many of the tracks as possible would be played with the requester of each one being credited during the host breaks. During the final host break Craig would usually have a list of Honourable Mentions for those that had made suggestions on the blog comments but for whatever reason the song could not be played.

Water Cooler Wednesday
Whenever there wasn't a Weld the blog post would become an open forum for discussing the topics of the day.


The Listener Co-host Initiative

When ever possible Craig would have a co-host "help" him.