The Breakfast Club

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Join R3 Host Vish Khanna as he meets with musicians and artists for a frank, informal interview over breakfast. They pick the place, Vish picks their brains. And occasionally at their plates...

Breakfast Club #94 - Bob Wiseman

(broken link) On the final R3 BC, pre-podcast alumni/ex-Blue Rodeo member/ex-Hidden Camera/gifted solo artist Bob Wiseman brings Vish to Live organic food bar for an outspoken chat about his life and work.

Breakfast Club #93 - Marine Dreams

(broken link) Ex-Attack in Black member Ian Kehoe has Marine Dreams so bad, he meets Vish at the Lakeview (see?) in Toronto to discuss his excellent new, self-titled album and life in Sackville, NB.

Breakfast Club #92 - Coeur de pirate

(broken link) Coeur de pirate is HUGE in France. And Montrealer Béatrice Martin is packing clubs at home too. She and Vish meet at le petit dejeuner in Toronto to chat about boys and her new album Blonde.

Breakfast Club #91 - Bry Webb

(broken link) Ex-Constantines lead singer Bry Webb emerges from a hiatus with a beautiful record called Provider, an inspiring young son, and a desire to cleanse himself in his home with Vish.

Breakfast Club #90 - Hooded Fang

(broken link) Hot garage pop band Hooded Fang bring Vish to Kubata in Toronto to discuss their album Tosta Mista, Daps Records, Fraggles, and all sorts of other weird things.

Breakfast Club #89 - Sandro Perri

(broken link) Gifted musician, producer, singer, & songwriter Sandro Perri made a gem of a record with Impossible Spaces and under-the-weather Vish meets him at Mitzi's Sister in Toronto to discuss it.

Breakfast Club #88 - Elliott BROOD

(broken link) Elliott BROOD's Casey Laforet and Stephen Pitkin bring Vish to their favourite Toronto hangout, Stravros, to chat about the band's new album Days Into Years and breakfast-eating zombies.

Breakfast Club #87 - Tasseomancy

(broken link) Tasseomancy twins Sari and Romy Lightman ask Vish to meet him at United Bakers Dairy Restaurant in North York to discuss their new album Ulalume and giant vikings who fall on you.

Breakfast Club #86 - D.O.A.

(broken link) 33 years into their existence and Vancouver's D.O.A. finally have breakfast with Vish at Kitchener's kinda odd Jimmy's Lunch to discuss their illustrated history book, Talk - Action = 0.

Breakfast Club #85 - Bruce Peninsula

(broken link) Toronto's Bruce Peninsula bring Vish to Starving Artist for potato waffles and a chat about Open Flames, a triumphant record made more so by singer Neil Haverty's winning battle against leukemia

Breakfast Club #84 - Dan Mangan

(broken link)Vancouver's Dan Mangan and his band mates (The Crackling) bring Vish to Aunties & Uncles in Toronto to discuss their new record, Oh Fortune, and their love of 1980s films.

Breakfast Club #83 - Ohbijou

(broken link)BC alums, Ohbijou meet Vish at the Hub in Toronto to discuss their new album Metal Meets and Vish makes fun of absent member Ryan Carley for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Breakfast Club #82 - Paul Simcoe of Criminal Records

(broken link)Graham Wright sits down for a hearty greasy spoon breakfast with Paul Simcoe, one of the proprietors of Toronto's late and lamented Criminal Records.

Breakfast Club # 81 - Hollerado

(broken link)Getting lazy in his old age, Graham interviews his neighbour Menno Versteeg of Hollerado, along with drummer Jake Boyd, at a Mexican restaurant. There's friends, huevos rancheros, and politics!

Breakfast Club #80 - The Covers Project

(broken link)Graham Wright takes you inside his band Tokyo Police Club's "Covers Project" live from the Red Bull recording studios in Los Angeles.

Breakfast Club #79 - Steve Jordan

(broken link)Graham Wright takes Polaris Music Prize Executive Director Steve Jordan to "Chew Chews" for steak and eggs, and to talk about why Polaris has become so controversial.

Breakfast Club #78 - The Sheepdogs

The Sheepdogs won the Rolling Stone ‘Choose The Cover’ contest. It's garnered them a whole lot of attention, so we try to separate the men from the legends from the beards.

Breakfast Club #77 - Sheezer

(broken link)Canada's coolest (and probably only) all woman Weezer cover band Sheezer join Graham at the Lakeview Lunch to talk about Weezer, being women in music, and Enya.

Breakfast Club #76 - The Arkells

(broken link)Nervous before his first ever Breakfast Club, Graham enlists the help of a friendly face: Max Kerman of The Arkells. Graham and Max talk about the new Arkells record, the merits of Hamilton, and latkes.

Breakfast Club #75 - Graham Wright

(broken link)There comes a time in every man's life when he has to show Graham Wright how to take over his podcast at Cool Hand of a Girl in Toronto, while asking Graham about his new album Shirts vs. Skins.

Breakfast Club #74 - The Woodshed Orchestra

(broken link)All-round good guy/ex-Rheostatic Dave Clark is Vish's musical mentor. When things go awry at Boom Breakfast & Co., the duo head to Dave's Toronto HQ, Bon's Cave, to chat about the Woodshed Orchestra and to hit the tubs.

Breakfast Club #73 - Julie Doiron

(broken link)R3 Lifetime Achieveer Julie Doiron brought her kids, Ben, Charlotte, and Rose to Toronto's Grapefruit Moon to discuss her life, her music, and her connection to Sappyfest in Sackville, NB.

Breakfast Club #72 - Chad VanGaalen

(broken link)Calgary's Chad VanGaalen is weird. He and Flemish Eye Records' El Presidente Ian Russell were in Toronto for NXNE, so we all went to Fresh to discuss Diaper Island and many other things.

Breakfast Club #71 - Socalled

(broken link)When Montreal's Socalled rolled into Toronto recently, he got his friend Zane Caplansky to open up Caplansky's Deli early, so we could chat about his hot new record, Sleepover.

Breakfast Club #70 - #R3NXNE

(broken link)The largest gathering of R3 bloggers descended upon Toronto for NXNE. Vish brings them to Cora's to give them a taste of the city that they could've received in select, other Canadian cities.

Breakfast Club #69 - Austra

(broken link)Katie Stelmanis now goes by Austra, crediting her band's contributions to her cool, electro-pop sound. They bring Vish to Pizza Libretto to discuss Feel it Break and de-friendship.

Breakfast Club #68 - Fucked Up

(broken link)Toronto punks Fucked Up make an oddly intense return to the BC to discuss their epic new rock opera, David Comes to Life at the Gabardine. Vish just holds it together.

Breakfast Club #67 - Snailhouse

(broken link)Michael Feuerstack of Snailhouse has many homies. The Montrealer visited Toronto armed with his new record, Sentimental Gentleman, and we went to the Lakeview to chat about it.

Breakfast Club #66 - Sloan

(broken link)Sloan celebrate 20 years together by forcing hitmaker Patrick Pentland and thinking man Andrew Scott to go to the Bloordale Pantry in Toronto with Vish. Challah!

Breakfast Club #65 - Jennifer Castle

(broken link)Jennifer Castle, her partner/$100 drummer Dave Clarke, producer Jeff McMurrich, and Vish discuss her new album, Castle Music, over a feast fit for dirty, dirty hippies in her Toronto home.

Breakfast Club #64 - One Hundred Dollars

(broken link)Toronto's One Hundred Dollars treat Vish to the high life, treating him to a wonderful meal catered by Julie Kennedy Fine Food and a nice chat about their latest album Songs of Man.

Breakfast Club #63 - NOmeansno

(broken link)NOmeansno have been making the best aggressive rock music for more than 30 years. Still, someone interrupted our breakfast together at the By the Way Cafe in Toronto.

Breakfast Club #62 - Lawnya Vawnya w/Mark Bragg & The Burning Hell

(broken link)Vish visits St. John's, Newfoundland for the inaugural Lawnya Vawnya Festival. Participants Mark Bragg and Mathias Kom bring Vish to Zachary's Restaurant so they can have a time.

Breakfast Club #61 - Dave Bidini

(broken link)Former Rheotstatic Dave Bidni has done it all. A rocker, author, playwright, husband, father, hockey player, and a failed record store clerk. And now he's been to Aunties & Uncles with Vish.

Breakfast Club #60 - King Cobb Steelie

(broken link)King Cobb Steelie were one of the most innovative bands to ever call Guelph, ON home. Quiet since 2004, they discussed their 20th anniversary with Vish at Zocalo in Toronto.

Breakfast Club #59 - Aidan Knight

B.C. native Aidan Knight loves Lady Marmalade in Victoria. But how does the Toronto location stack up? We find out, plus, Aidan and Vish sort out their long-festering fake feud.

Belitsky! One Man's 2011 JunoCup Odyssey

The 8th Annual JunoCup saw the Rockers against NHL Alumni in an all-out, hockey death match. We surveyed the carnage via The Sadies' drummer/Rockers defenseman, Mike Belitsky.

Breakfast Club #58 - The Two Koreas

The Two Koreas' Stuart Berman and Kieran Grant bring Vish to the Counter in Toronto for a chat about their new album "Science Island" and escaping both death and Broken Social Scene.

Breakfast Club #57 - Maylee Todd

Maylee Todd once lifted Vish above her head while singing and danced around with him on his shoulders. At Saving Gigi in Toronto, Vish finds out why, oh why, she did this.

Breakfast Club #56 - The Dears

Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak bring Vish to Toronto's Gladstone Hotel to discuss the highs and lows of their band the Dears and also a bit about angry chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Breakfast Club #55 - Peter Elkas

Beyond his Toronto dog-walking business, WestEndWalks, and playing in the Joel Plaskett Emergency, Peter Elkas crafts fine albums like Repeat Offender. We chat at Ari's Place.

Breakfast Club #54 - More or Les

Extra extraordinary Toronto MC More or Les talks about his new album, Brunch with a Vengeance, Hip-Hop Karaoke Toronto, and Vish tries to get him to freestyle at Sneaky Dees.

Breakfast Club #53 - Braids

Montreal's Braids are mischievous and pleased with the mixed reaction to their beautiful record, Native Speaker. So Vish takes them to the Golden Griddle in Guelph for some reason.

Breakfast Club #52 - The Rural Alberta Advantage

In anticipation of their sophomore full-length, Departing, Amy and Paul of the Rural Alberta Advantage bring Vish to Easy Restaurant in Toronto and try to ply him with aspartame.

Breakfast Club #51 - Jenn Grant

Hot on the heels of her acclaimed new record, Honeymoon Punch, Halifax's Jenn Grant visit with Vish and the duo head to Fran's in Toronto to test their respective diets.

Breakfast Club #50 - Sarah Harmer

Vish celebrates his 50th podcast in style with the great Sarah Harmer. They head to Tinto in Toronto to gab about old times, Sarah's music, and melons.

Breakfast Club #49 - Bishop Morocco

Bishop Morocco's Jake Fairley spends so much time in Europe, Vish seized a rare opportunity to snag him and his band mate James Sayce for a morning sit-down at Toronto's Bar One.

Breakfast Club #48 - Julie Fader

Julie Fader takes time off from gigs with Sarah Harmer, Great Lake Swimmers, Chad VanGaalen and others, inviting me to the Toronto home she shares with Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh.

A CBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol!

An indie-rock star-studded comedic adaptation of the Dickens classic, "A Christmas Carol," following the workaholic tendencies of one Ebenezer Vish using alienating inside jokes.

Breakfast Club #47 - The Skydiggers

A Canadian musical institution for 20+ years, the Skydiggers bring Vish to Faema Cafe for a Toronto music history lesson, a chat about their annual Horseshoe shows, and much more.

Breakfast Club #46 - Hannah Georgas

A morning meeting at a Cora's with Vancouver's lovely and talented Hannah Georgas to discuss her 2010 record, This is Good, and her "Songs" series at