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On April 19th 2007 Radio 3 released the first episode of their video series R3TV.

#1 -- "Growing Up" The very first of CBC Radio 3's video podcasts. This week the gang moves office space; THE DUDES go back to high school, and Grant finds something weird in the rubble of our old office.
#2 -- "Treasure Hunt" Grant Lawrence finds an old man; THE STILLS go pick-pocketing
#3 -- "Vices" DJ CHAMPION on smoking; DANKO JONES on booze; Sexy Ladies of R3
#4 -- "Potty Mouth" Craig Norris takes you behind the scenes of a live Radio 3 event; CADENCE WEAPON gives a shout out to 80's video games
#5-- "Scared Merde-less" Artists confess their fears; MALAJUBE gets gory
#6 - "Laughing Gas" Chad VanGaalen's music and animation; Grant Lawrence's invisible audience.
#7 - "Eat This!" The Weakerthans dine out; The Stills get cheesy; indie artists dish on their favourite road foods.
#8 - "Work the Room" Grant Lawrence is job shadowed by a little girl; The Constantines video "Working Full Time", and more.
#9 - "The Line Up" Our NXNE showcase: the amazing line-up of bands; the massive line-up of fans; Two Hours Traffic's video "Stuck for the Summer".
#10 - "Animal Behaviour" Wolf Parade; Hinterland Who's Who; puppies, kittens, and big beavers.
#11 - "Lost In Translation" Grant Lawrence trains an old man to speak; Les Breastfeeders translate their video for "Tout va pour le mieux dans le pire des mondes",
#12 - "Bromance" Joel Plaskett and Peter Elkas explore their relationship, plus Joel's brand new video, "Fashionable People".
#13 - "Radio on the TV" The new R3TV campaign; Hot Hot Heat; Craig Norris searches the streets for indie rock fans.
#14 - "Celebrity Sightings" R3's indie rock star report; Celebrity look-alikes with Grant Lawrence; Classified and Maestro Fresh Wes.
#15 - "Mascots" Lisa Christiansen visits a taxidermist; Uncut show who pulls the strings in their video for "Dark Horse"; plus, a crash course in Radio 3's mascots and a chance to name one and win a satellite radio.
#16 - "Strike a Chord" Musicians reveal their favourite chords, demonstrated by Radio 3 host Tariq on guitar; Melissa McClelland's video for "Skyway Bridge".
#17 - "Old Man, New Tricks" Grant Lawrence invites Scotty to a gig; Kevin Drew invites his pals to join his new video.
#18 - "R3TV en España" Arcade Fire and The Hidden Cameras play the Summercase Festival in Spain.
#19 - "Seeing Double" The new video from twins Tegan and Sara; Grant Lawrence discovers he also has a twin.
#20 - "Clubbing" The new video from Tokyo Police Club; musicians vote on the best Canadian clubs.
#21 - "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" Grant Lawrence takes Jill Barber boating; Mother Mother's mermaid vacation; The Lisa Retort laments the end of holidays.
#22 - "Can You Dig It?" Welcome to the first installment of Canadian Cribs, where indie artists show off their glamourous homes for the R3TV cameras.

This week, The Awkward Stage's Shane Nelken opens his door for us and unearths a few dark secrets. For now, I'll just say that Shane shares his pad with a bunch of deadbeats. And Caribou unearth something big of their own - in the brilliantly gloomy video for "Melody Day."

#23 - "The Sleepover" Rock Plaza Central crashes on producer Chris Kelly's floor; RPC's video for "My Children, Be Joyful"
#24 - "Eye on the Polaris Prize" R3TV covers the Polaris Prize Gala "entertainment news" style; winner Patrick Watson's video for "Drifters".
#25 - "The Record That Changed Your Life" Artists profess their pivotal albums; The Besnard Lakes' new video for "Agent 13".
#26 - "Pop! Goes the Podcast!" R3TV does the Montreal Pop Fest; Dears video and late night eats.
#27 - "Shape Up!" Fitness tips from indie artists; Grand Analog's "Touch Your Toes" video; Participunktion.
#28 - "Halifacts" Our coverage of the Halifax Pop Explosion; Pride Tiger's new video; little-known East Coast facts; underground eats.
#29 - "Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow" Artists ponder indie facial hair; Host Amanda Putz hunts for beards; Bend Sinister's video for "Time Breaks Down".
#30 - "The Blood Lines Take China" R3TV arms The Blood Lines with a camera for their coveted gig at the Beijing Pop Festival.
#31 - "My First Time" Canadian artists confess their first concert experiences; Abdominal gives the mic a workout in his new video.
#32 - "Confessions" Radio 3's staff confess their deepest, darkest secrets, and Junior Boys provide absolution. Somebody should probably call the police.
#33 - "Bucky Booster" A sneak peek into the Bucky Awards nominee selection process; Emily Haines' video for "Our Hell".
#34 - "You Sexy Thing" Indie Rock fashion tips; Guys Gone Wild; Sexy Bucky Nominee Peter Elkas.
#35 - "Do You Smell What I Smell?" Old Man Scotty spreads his, um...cheer; The Bicycles go shirts and skins.
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#38 - "Un-Rapped: A Food Diary" MC Abdominal takes over the camera for a whirlwind tour of England's best fast-food spots.
#39 - Living Over A Funeral Parlour Take a tour through the luxurious pad of Shane Nelkin of The Awkward State in this special edition of Canadian Cribs.
#40 - "Rock on the Wild Side" Musicians confess their rock 'n roll moments; Lisa Christiansen reads the classics; the Hot Springs' video "Headrush".
#41 - "Rock on the Wild Side" Musicians confess their rock 'n roll moments; Lisa Christiansen reads the classics; the Hot Springs' video "Headrush".
#42 - "Whalewatching" Grant Lawrence finds out what Vancouver band Said The Whale does during the day.
#43 - "A Galaxy Far, Far Away (A Tour Diary)"
#44 - "Surviving SxSW" Four nights rockin' in Austin.
#45 - "Juno What?" Grant Lawrence crashes the awards; Wintersleep rise from the ashes.
#46 - "Bangers & Thrash: The Metal Metal queen Lisa Christiansen reveals the metal-studded underbelly of Canadian music; 3 Inches of Blood's video for "Trial of Champions".
#47 - "Humour Us: Comedy Meets Indie Rock" Top alt-comics discuss the state of comedy; featuring Patton Oswalt and Tim & Eric.
#48 - "Parental Consent" Artists on what their parents think of their music; Old Man Scotty pleases your mom.
#49 - "Jijou vs. Quatchi" The R3-30 puppet vies for Olympic glory.
#50 - "TOKYO POLICE CLUB In Session" A behind-the-scenes look at Tokyo Police Club's special Radio 3 recording.
#51 - "Meow Mix" The Best Record Store in Canada, as voted by you. As if we're not going there ourselves to check it out...

In fact, Grant Lawrence and a small crew did one better. They traveled north to Prince George, B.C. and broadcast live from the winning store - Meow Records.

#52 - "Inside Jokes" Artists reveal the gags no one understands outside of the tour van; boy sacks hosts.
#53 - "Copyright in Canada" Grant Lawrence asks which Canadian artist should pen the new Hockey Night in Canada theme; Shane Nelken tries his hand at writing it himself; Kathleen Edwards' hockey-heavy new video.
#54- "Stand By Your Van" Grant Lawrence finds out how artists really feel about their tour vans; The New Pornographer's latest video "Myriad Harbour".
#55 - "The Clown Wars" Radio 3 Business Manager David Yee fights the stereotypes; Crystal Castles' video for "Courtship Dating".
#56 - "And The Nominees Are..." 178 music journalists. 10 nominees. 1 episode of R3TV.

This week, Grant Lawrence hauled an R3TV camera to Toronto for his big announcement of this year's Polaris Prize nominees. Hell, he even went a step further and interviewed some of them. I think I'm starting to like this guy...

#57 - "Folk You: Winnipeg '08" Highlights from the Winnipeg Folk Fest; The Weakerthan's video "Tournament of Hearts".
#58 - "Dust in the Wind: Pemberton '08" R3TV's intrepid producer Jordan Kawchuk and host Lana Gay brave the dust and crowds to bring you this taste of the first Pemberton Music Festival; Sam Roberts' video for "Them Kids".
#59 - "iPhone 4" The cute names artists dub their instruments; Immaculate Machine's video "Dear Confessor".
#60 - "...in the City That Rhymes with Fun" Grant Lawrence feels the love at the Regina Folk Festival; Kevin Drew's video for "Safety Bricks".
#61 - "Beachy Keen" Go behind-the-scenes of the recent R3-30 Beach Party, where host Craig Norris searches for a mysterious treasure he lost a few weeks ago. Armed with only a homemade metal detector (made from a stove element, weed-wacker, and prayers), Norris combs the sands for the one thing that will restore his fragile life.
#62 - "Indiegarten: The Kids Episode" Learn to count, read, and make music with your favourite hosts and indie artists.
#63 - "Indulge Us" What musicians spend their Indie-Bucks on; Matt Mays splurges on his new video for "Tall Trees".
#64 - "Farm Party!" Producer Chris Kelly takes us to an indie rock farm; The Choir Practice's video for "Failsafe".
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#65 - "Polaris Don't Scare Us" Everything you need to know about the Polaris Music Prize; plus, our deeply unscientific street poll discovers what Canadians really think of the nominees.
#66 - "And the winner is..." Behind the scenes at the 2008 Polaris Prize Gala; Polaris Prize winner Caribou's video for "Melody Day".
#67 - "Southern Fried" Host Lana Gay travels to Tennessee to spread Canadian love; Shad gets fresh in his new video.
#68 - "Churchin' Up with Chad Vangaalen" Vangaalen finds inspiration in an Edmonton church basement; the new video for Molten Light.
#69 - "Meat Draw" Meatdraw (the band) goes to a meat draw (the event) to discover the true essence of their name.
#70 - "Here's to Being Jason Collett" We interview Jason Collett about his Radio 3 interview.
#71 - "CMJ: All Access" Canadians in New York; Shane Nelken bites the Big Apple.
#72 - "Bucky Buzz: The Exclusive" Our crack entertainment reporters find the inside scoop on the 2008 Bucky Award nominees.
#73 - "Road Rage" The truth behind the Acorn and Ohbijou tour; The Acorn's new video for "Crooked Legs".
#74 - "The 2008 Bucky Awards" Grant Lawrence hosts the gala event of the year; features Canadas Sexiest Musician and Best Video of the Year.
#75 - "Easy Riders" Artists dish on their backstage goodies.
#76 - "Radio 3 Down Under" Grant Lawrence in Australia with Tegan & Sara, Hawksley Workman, Hey Rosetta! and more; a new video from Matthew Barber.
#77 - "A Conversation with K'naan" X3 Artist of the Month K'naan on the love of words.
#78 - "Breaking the Language Barrier with Malajub" X3 Artists of the Month, Malajube try their hands at recording an R3 promo with task master Vish, share their secret to recording their latest album, and talk about being cool in Japan.
#79 - "SXSW 2009" R3TV makes it past Customs to bring you this on-the-scene report from Austins South by Southwest music festival.
#80 - "Live from the Shag Carpet" Anything but the red carpet at the Junos - a look at the indie side of the big week.
#81 - "Nelken's Awkward Rage" R3 regular, Shane Nelken of the Awkward Stage drops by to discuss his newest passion, ventriloquism. Neken's biggest claim to fame so far has been The Awkward Stage, but during an interview with host Tariq
#82 - "In the Ring with Thunderheist" X3 Artist of the Month Thunderheist walk the fine line between partnership and warfare.
#83 - "The Accidental Single, featuring Metric" An interview with Metric about the song and video that took on lives of their own.
#84 - "Small Room, Big Sound (feat. Japandroids)" Rocking out in the tiniest of all rehearsal spaces with Vancouver band, Japandroids
#85 - "Apostle of Hustle" Andrew Whiteman from Apostle of Hustle, X3 Artist of the Month for June 2009, embraces the darkness.
#86 - "NXNE 09 - Starring Jenn Grant" R3TV hits the streets with a microphone and Halifax hottie, Jenn Grant.
#87 - The Pack A.D. Video Premiere We love it when bands come to visit the Radio 3 headquarters. We love it even more when they take over and rock the place to shreds.
#88 - "Holy Phog!" The Phog Lounge, Searchlight winner of Canada's Best Live Live Venue, recently celebrated Phog Phest, a day-long street party in downtown Windsor. R3TV was there.
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#90 - "Dudeversity" The Dudes come down from their ivory tower to instruct young Canadians in the finer points of Party.
#91 - Peter Elkas: Walkstar A dogs-eye view of one musicians day job.
#92 - "The Cinematic Life of Patrick Watson" Last year's Polaris prizewinners (and nominees again this year), Patrick Watson and his cohorts are exceptionally creative musicians. Patrick shows us some of the ways his group tricks your ears into seeing.
#93 - "The 2009 Polaris Music Prize Gala" On the spot at the 2009 Polaris Music Prize gala, featuring all the 2009 Shortlist Nominees: Elliott Brood, Fucked Up, Great Lake Swimmers, Hey Rosetta!, K'naan, Malajube, Metric, Joel Plaskett, Chad VanGaalen and Patrick Watson.
#94 - "The X Factor" Usually the letter X is associated with naughty things. Or, if repeated, the stage name of a lousy stripper. Suggestion, ladies: Sin D. Coxxx. Youre welcome
#95 - " Halifax Pop Explosion 09" I heart Halifax. I love the people, I love the town, and I love the smell of garlic and rock n roll in the air every time.
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#97 - The 2009 CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards As promised, this week's R3TV covers the more visual aspects of music culture, namely the categories for Best Video, Best Off-Stage Performance, AND Sexiest Musician. I won't blow the surprize in the post... you'll just have to watch!
#98 - "Baba Brinkmanship" An inside look at one travelling musician's life, and how touring affects both his relationships and his music. Featuring Vancouver's Baba Brinkman.
#99 - "Hey Ocean" While the band HEY OCEAN! is having their voice heard in the Canadian independent music scene, lead singer Ashleigh Ball is also using her voice in a different way.
#100 - "Dan Mangan Live at CBC" Vancouver's runaway success story Dan Mangan sits down with R3TV to talk about music, milestones, and makin' it. Featuring an exclusive recent live performance of Mangan's "Road Regrets" at CBC Vancouver's Studio One.
#101 - "R3TV Welcomes the World" Highlights of the recent large winter sporting event in Vancouver, as seen through the cracked lens of the R3TV cameras.
#102 - "Memoirs of Norris" A man, a journey, a journal... Craig Norris allows the R3TV camera unprecedented access to his personal reflections on the 2010 East Coast Music Awards, as recorded in his personal diary.
#103 - "The Chris Kelly Guide to SXSW" A huge music festival like SXSW can be dangerous, even fatal, for beginners. R3 producer Chris Kelly presents this tutorial on how to make it through SxSW in one piece.
#104 - "Lit Up: The Literature Episode" A look at the books that inspire bands; D.O.A.'s Joe "Shithead" Keithley reads classics for girls.